Dr Jack Tan

Dr Jack Tan is a trained practitioner with about 28 years of intensive banking experience holding a VP (H) including credit and marketing, corporate banking, loan syndications on aircraft financing, ship financing. The Singapore Central Bank (the MAS) had requested Dr Jack Tan to be its Institute of Banking and Finance as a qualified trainer and part time lecturer that was approved by the bank’s top management employing him.  The Singapore government asked Dr Jack Tan and the World Bank to train senior bankers in China at the People’s Bank of China (the Central Bank) representing Singapore with the World Bank’s trainers. The Chairman of the Central Bank asked him to conduct the training programmes in Credit Risk Management and Case studies in Putonghua. He did it without any interpreter, from 1997 to 1999. He is currently a Managing Director of an Asset Management company for 20 years.
This book shares the author’s migraine headache treatments, healing processes, and recovery journeys amid difficulties. The author looked forward to conquering the migraine headache attack illness and contributions to Singapore in asset management, banking and finance knowledge transfer through training programs and banking books with case studies illustrated by his experiences. He recovered after thirty-six years of suffering from my severe migraine headaches on 1 February 1978, pain management and treatments of the migraines that occurred daily expectedly! Dr K Tan, a neurological specialist doctor in a government hospital’s NNI Clinic healed after Dr K Tan started treating his migraine in April 2002. Dr K Tan healed him on 1 March 2014.